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5 Signs You Need Massage Therapy

If you have ever caught yourself thinking that it would be nice to get a massage, but you have yet to schedule one, then continue reading to learn seven reasons why you need massage therapy. At Zense Thai Massage Spa in Dallas, we are proud to offer a variety of massage techniques to provide the results that you need. Call today to schedule your appointment!

1. You carry stress in your neck and shoulders

Many people sit at their desks for the better part of the day when they’re at work. As a result, they are creating postural stress that can show up as pain or weakness in the lower back and glute muscles. If you are experiencing neck or back pain, then you are probably dealing with the results of prolonged sitting. While there are some steps you can take at work to counteract this, such as standing, be sure to schedule regular massage therapy sessions to help counteract all of the postural stress created through extended periods of sitting.

2. You frequently experience bouts of anxiety and depression

While there are a wide variety of reasons that you may struggle with anxiety, depression, or both, massage therapy is one very good way to help manage the symptoms. Within a safe context, human touch can be very therapeutic, relaxing, and comforting. There have been numerous studies done on the connection between massage therapy and its effects on anxiety and depression. These studies have found that massage therapy helps to reduce stress levels and helps patients to feel more relaxed and happy.

3. You are not getting enough sleep

For those who struggle with getting solid sleep on a regular basis, massage therapy could be the ideal solution. Studies have shown that even brief, 30-minute massage therapy sessions help to reduce blood pressure and promotes restful sleep. In fact, if you’ve ever had a friend just casually rub your shoulders, then you probably have already experienced a small measure of how massage therapy helps to create a relaxed state.

4. You regularly feel stressed

There are so many different factors that contribute to stress on a daily basis for most individuals. From fighting traffic in the morning to handling frustrations at work and more, you probably deal with the symptoms of stressful living more than you realize. One of the best ways to decrease your stress is to pursue activities that help reduce your stress levels and increase your endorphin levels. Endorphins are the hormones that give you a sense of pleasure when you taste your favorite ice cream or see a good friend. Massage therapy is a great activity for promoting an increase in your endorphin levels and a decrease in your stress hormones.

5. You don’t have full range of motion

Many of us tend to ignore some of the daily aches and pains we experience, which is not a good thing. These aches and pains are usually your body’s way of telling you that something isn’t right and it needs to be addressed. Over time, ignoring these symptoms can lead to bigger problems such as loss of range of motion. If you realize that you can no longer turn your head as far as you used to be able to, or you are unable to raise your arms as high, then these are likely indicators that you have lost a significant amount of your range of motion. Massage therapy helps to increase the level of flexibility in your muscles, which will aid in slowly returning you to your full range of motion and less pain.

Contact Zense Thai Massage Spa in Dallas to schedule your massage therapy appointment today and experience the benefits it has to offer.

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