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Benefits of Lomi Lomi Massage

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

No matter what type of work you do on a daily basis, you probably have certain muscles that are more stiff or sore than others. Rather than taking over-the-counter pain medication to mask the discomfort, consider booking massage therapy at Zense Thai Massage Spa in Dallas. We offer a variety of massage therapies to address the different issues that can be experienced with muscle pain and stiffness. Continue reading to learn about Lomi Lomi massage, and call today to schedule your massage therapy appointment.

What Is Lomi Lomi?

The term lomi refers literally to pressing, rubbing, or kneading. It is doubled when referring to this massage technique to emphasize and clarify how powerful this massage is at providing healing and restoration to your muscles. Lomi lomi is a type of massage that has long been practiced in Hawaii. It is a great massage technique to help release any stress or tension that might be stored in your body.

Improve Energy Flow

Much like in traditional Chinese medicine, the goal of a lomi lomi massage is to clear blockages in your body’s natural flow of energy. Energy blockages are believed to contribute to problems that you experience in your physical, emotional, and mental health.

The massage techniques used in lomi lomi are generally rhythmic, flowing massage strokes which are designed to help clear any energy blocks in the body. Sometimes the massage strokes can be circular or chopping in motion, and your massage therapist is likely to use their forearms to accomplish longer massage strokes.

Alleviate Pain Intensity and Severity

Massage therapy has been shown to help relieve the intensity and severity of pain that people experience. In fact, it can even lower the anxiety that people experience before and after surgical procedures. For those who struggle with fibromyalgia, regular massage therapy sessions can help to reduce pain, anxiety, and depression.

Total Relaxation

The goal of any practitioner of lomi lomi massage is to help their client achieve total relaxation. Traditional lomi lomi might begin with prayer and meditation followed by the long, flowing massage strokes. Lomi lomi massage is designed to help you let go of incorrect beliefs about yourself and any negative self talk as it helps to correct the flow of energy between your mind and body. This type of massage helps with your body’s natural detoxification and healing processes, and can also support a stronger immune system by promoting better lymphatic functions.

Draping During Lomi Lomi Massage

In a traditional massage therapy session, you can expect to be fully draped at all times. Your massage therapist will uncover the area that will be worked on, but you will otherwise have complete privacy. Traditional lomi lomi massage has a small towel over the buttocks and then one over the pelvic region when you flip over. In order to make sure that you are not caught off guard, be sure to contact the massage therapist who will be providing your lomi lomi massage to learn more about their approach to draping.

At Zense Thai Massage Spa in Dallas, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of massage therapy options for all of our clients. Whether you need weekly appointments, or prefer to come in a little less frequently, we can accommodate your schedule. Call today to reserve your appointment.

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